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What are you trading?   Forex Futures   Single Stock Futures   Options  
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If you trade stocks would you like to know more about the advantages of Single Stock Futures? 

Are you registered with the NFA or SEC if not have you ever been registered? 

Are you seeking to make trading your career?  

The trading room is not a school.  However, we have a 30 minute method for beginning traders and those that have been to schools and not made money.  Would you like to try the method?

If you do not want to trade would you be interested in an automatic trading system?   
If you do not want to trade would you be interested in someone else trading for you?   
How many monitors do you use?   

There is a $100 a month membership fee do you object to this fee? 

Are you a profitable trader?   
Are you a stock trader?   
Are you familiar with single stock futures?   

If you have decided not to join the trading room what factor caused you to make that determination, Fast speed 66 times a T1.  Using the newest fastest trading computer.  Trading with professionals.  The $100 a month fee.  The free seminars.  The social meeting.  Travel to the location, the cypress creek i 95 exit or the Tri rail exit.  The lowest available spreads and commissions.

Tell us how we can improve Trading rooms.  Soon will be all over the world.  Are you interested in owning one?  The investment is $200,000. Trading rooms are independently owned.

Thank you for your interest in trading with other professionals. The trading room can accommodate 80 traders in two time periods and is open 24 hours a day except for Saturday and Sunday until 4pm.